Carpet and domestic cleaning including deep cleans

2018 Pricing structure - Small room £20-00, Medium rooms £30-00, Large rooms £40-00, Very large rooms £50-00. Multiple rooms attract a discount. Stairs, landings and hallways are also under the same prices for small, medium and large and very large. A quote will be offered after a quick free no obligation survey including fibre identification.

New FREE service. We will come out to your home and carry out a free survey with a powerful 30 watt Ultra-Violet torch to show you anything on your carpet that the naked eye cannot see. This is especially useful for pet owners to highlight if the pet has had an accident or something has been spilt and gone unnoticed.

All our work involves a deep clean on your carpets. You will not be offered inferior solutions that do nothing to properly clean your carpet.
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Are you looking for a professional, extensively insured and highly trained carpet cleaner? You have come to the right place.
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Professional Carpet Cleaning is all about understanding the chemistry of cleaning as well as the processes. It serves no purpose to clean a carpet if your technician does not have the correct knowledge of what he is doing and the chemicals he is using. Knowing what you can, and more importantly, what you can't do is critical to the longevity of your carpets. An incorrectly cleaned carpet with the wrong chemicals can destroy your carpet in as little as 3 to 4 cleans and by the time you notice, the technician has taken your money and disappeared in to the sunset.

For example, buffered chemicals should never be used on a wool carpet. What is a buffered chemical ? You do not need to know that because I already do. Buffered solutions used on wool carpets will damage the wool fibre in a relatively short time compared to how long the carpet would last using the correct chemicals and processes.

Your carpet is a huge air filter that attracts soiling, not just from your feet or shoes, a myriad of air pollutants from people, cars, construction, pets, cooking vapours, candles, indoor fires and smoking to name a few. They gather in your carpet, and if not regularly removed, will mount up. This can cause breeding grounds for all sorts of things, as well as oxidizing over time and in some cases, becoming part of the fibre and severely dulling the appearance of your carpet. This effect can be very difficult to reverse, if not sometimes impossible.

If you have had technicians in the past, for example do 4 rooms in your house, in and out within an hour, it is likely that you have wasted your money on a shoddy service. A man with an expensive looking and noisy machine does not mean you have hired a knowledgeable and technically competent professional.

Some so called professionals will offer to do your four bedroomed house for £250-00 and be gone within 90 minutes, leaving you with soaking carpets that take 10 hours plus to dry, breeding mould and mildew in the fibre and ultimately, creating odours and a very unhealthy environment in you home.

We, however, subscribe to processes and treatments that are approved by the National Carpet Cleaning Association. We provide a professional high end service at very competitive prices and have attended training courses at PROCHEM and Woolsafe, who constantly develop their products and training to ensure the highest possible industry standards and practices.

I personally have attended the following

National Carpet Cleaners Association exam passed

Prochem One Day Carpet Cleaning Course.

Fine Fabric and Upholstery Cleaning Course.

Advanced Stain and Spot Removal Course.

Fibre Care Specialist Woolsafe Course. (Exam passed)

Carpet Inspector's Complaints Course. (Exam passed)

We carry out a ten stage process of:

Inspection, Dye test, Fibre test, Comb pile, Power vacuum, Treat stains, Spray pre-treatment, Deep cleaning, Hand Cleaning, Realign pile and fast air drying

We use 'Air Movers' to dry your carpet in under 2 hours in most cases in 1 hour, as well as pH test your carpet so you can walk on it without transferring any particulate to the carpet fibres.
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We can remove most types of stain but some will be permanent. Contact us for more information.

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We cover All the Home Counties.

Please be aware that some heavily worn carpets can look worse after cleaning so it may be worth considering replacement.

Some type of stains such as wood dye from furniture put on to a wet carpet will be permanent. We provide over foot protection for your furniture so you can put your house back together whilst the carpet thoroughly dries as a precaution against this happening.

Domestic cleaning, end of tenancy, deep cleans and builders cleans.

Do you hate cleaning bathrooms and kitchens? We love them and they are Joy's speciality..... From Grime to Shine, everytime.

At Sparkling Cobwebs we have a long list of clients that we service on a weekly or bespoke basis to suit their requirements. We work hard for them without breaking budgets, providing a professional high standard of work with great customer service. Our clients are not just someone we work for, they become personal friends too.

We will also do your ironing and washing for you if required.

Has the housework gotten on top of you and you can't face starting the cleaning process?

Maybe you require a one time deep clean or spring clean? This can also include 'End of Tenancy' deep cleans also.

We have formulated a list of what you can expect us to do and also provide a check list to confirm what cleaning we have carried out should you require one for your records and we will issue you paperwork to prove that you have had a professional clean so you can retrieve your deposit, and we offer an unlimited free return service if you have issues with your End of Tenancy inspection.

Click here to see our checklist of what you can expect as a minimum.

We cover all the home counties.
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At Sparkling Cobwebs, we offer a professional high standard of work and we will carry out all the cleaning you would expect from us and any other domestic services that you require we are happy to discuss with you to include them in our schedule for you. Just ask us.

Five reasons why we think you should choose us for your cleaning needs.

  1. We are fully insured and work to proven industry guidlines and practices as detail in PAS 86 which is approved by the National Carpet Cleaners Association.
  2. Our processes are carpet friendly and we will carry out tests to ascertain your carpet type and select the correct cleaning solutions accordingly. We also pH value test your carpet before and after to ensure that it is free of cleaning solution residue that may shorten its life if not completely removed and balanced.
  3. We are a family owned and operated business and provide a high-end service to our customers based on a standard of service and quality.
  4. We use professional and powerful industrial equipment and solutions from a market leading brand, namely Prochem.
  5. We are a community based service dedicated to serving our customers.

We offer a straight forward package system for our customers so there are no complicated pricing structures but are happy to discuss individual needs.

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